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Camblin Livestock is a ranch business that is owned by Mike and Danna Camblin. Our journey began in 2017 as a ranch business. However, we have served the agricultural industry as fence and livestock water systems designer and installers for 24 years as Camblin Inc.

Camblin Livestock headquarters is in the high desert valley of northwest Colorado, near Maybell. Raising our family in this community they developed a herd of cross-bred and purebred Angus cattle, that they showed in 4-H and junior shows across the Rocky Mountain Region. They ran their herd with their grandparents Sam and Georgia McIntyre in Maybell. In 2017 Mike and Danna purchased a herd of registered Angus cows to join the herd that the kids had been developing. At this point we also began leasing the McIntyre Ranch. In 2021 the drought was severe, so the decision was made to sell the cow/calf herd and destock the ranch.

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We switched our focus from the cattle to the soil. Currently, we are seasonal adaptive grazers that use different classes of livestock to graze the land we manage.

As our mission states Empirical People Land with Livestock.

Take care of the land and the land will take care of you. A dance we continually are working on, so we quit stepping on creations feet so hard. As our focus changed from cattle to the land so did the tools in our toolbox. We have added monitoring, focusing more on the rest & recovery, virtual fencing, and soil moisture sensors. We continue to be continual learners, and networking in and out of the agricultural industry.


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